Welcome to our city.

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A Different Perspective

Urban Rangers brings people together to explore the urban environment. We promote a curiosity for ecology of the city and urban form through guided community hikes and other events.

For visitors we offer authentic experiences that help you get to know Cincinnati on a personal level through intimate excursions in our most culturally relevant places. 

For locals we offer an escape in their own city. We take you slightly out of your comfort level. In return we hope you discover new things without ever really leaving home.

Why Walk?

Walking offers more than health benefits. While walking, folks can interact with their surroundings and thus feel more connected to and responsible for physical places.

We believe the city is a living museum. Walking expands one's spatial awareness, helping them to understand more about neighborhoods, architecture, and urban history.

Through walking, Urban Rangers celebrates Cincinnati's diverse neighborhoods and public assets. We advocate for pedestrians, connectivity between neighborhoods, and equalized use of public space in the city.

Hiking is fun. So why not do it where you live, too? People often head to the wilderness for sightseeing and exercise, but the Urban Rangers tweak that formula and meld the hiking mentality with our modern metropolitan landscape.
— Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined
Really makes you stop and appreciate all that this city (and other cities) has to offer when you get out of your car for a while.
— Jill Higgins, June 2017 Hike
A challenging course through a varied urban landscape. From long forgotten public stairways to the current rejuvenated OTR and the beloved riverfront this covered all the bases! Cincinnati is a GREAT city!
— Troy Marwehe, July 2017 Hike

Your Guides



Originally from north east Ohio, Derek moved to Cincinnati for college to pursue his interests in Urban Studies and Design. He has called the queen city home ever since. Besides guiding Urban Rangers hikes, he works as a freelance creative. In this regard, he has contributed to numerous local organizations and events that help folks discover more about places and relate to the communities they live, such as Cincinnati Preservation Collective, ArtWorks, Cincy Bike Month, and the ‘Look Here!’ project.



Peter is interested in the ecology of the urban landscape, and how people operate within. Like any good citizen of Cincinnati, he is quietly obsessed with its history, architecture, culture, and economy.  As a board member of the Cincinnati Preservation Collective, he organizes and leads their monthly neighborhood walks, which give people an opportunity to experience different or obscure parts of the city in a new way. He likes walking long distances, so he is glad to help bring Urban Rangers to you!