Hiking is fun. So why not do it where you live, too? People often head to the wilderness for sightseeing and exercise, but the Urban Rangers tweak that formula and meld the hiking mentality with our modern metropolitan landscape.
— Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined
Really makes you stop and appreciate all that this city (and other cities) has to offer when you get out of your car for a while.
— Jill Higgins, Participant
A challenging course through a varied urban landscape. From long forgotten public stairways to the current rejuvenated OTR and the beloved riverfront this covered all the bases! Cincinnati is a GREAT city!
— Troy Marwehe, Participant

A Different Perspective.

Urban Rangers brings people together to explore the urban environment. We promote a curiosity for ecology of the city and urban form through guided community hikes and other events.

For visitors we offer authentic experiences that help you get to know Cincinnati on a personal level through intimate excursions in our most culturally relevant places. 

For locals we offer an escape in their own city. We take you slightly out of your comfort level. In return we hope you discover new things without ever really leaving home. 



The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts... Most of it is ostensibly trivial but the sum is not trivial at all.
— Jane Jacobs, Writer & Activist
Whether you live in a city or a small town, and whether you drive a car, take the bus or ride a train, at some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian.
— Anthony Renard Foxx, United States Secretary of Transportation from 2013 to 2017.
I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.
— John Muir, Father of our National Parks


Walking offers more than health benefits. While walking, folks can interact with their surroundings and thus feel more connected to and responsible for physical places.

We believe the city is a living museum. Walking expands one's spatial awareness, helping them to understand more about neighborhoods, architecture, and urban history.

Through walking, Urban Rangers celebrates Cincinnati's diverse neighborhoods and public assets. We advocate for pedestrians, connectivity between neighborhoods, and equalized use of public space in the city.