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The Mill Creek Valley Hike

  • Brighton Place Cincinnati, OH, 45214 (map)

Type: Hike
Difficulty: Medium to Difficult Intensity - Moderately paced, hilly, urban staircases, unkept pedestrian paths.

The Mill Creek, with its water power and valley, were important to the early growth of Cincinnati. For a time, the steep hillsides that surround the creek limited expansion and gave impetus to the free growth of surrounding communities that were over that barrier. Throughout Cincinnati's history, Mill Creek has been the scene of heavy industry. Eventually highways, with the rise of the automobile, gave a new importance to the Mill Creek Valley as a transportation corridor for folks traveling through the I-75 corridor. This left the creek and the surrounding areas a secondary thought to planners and developers. At the turn of the 20th-century, it was seen as "a great open city sewer". And, in 1997, the Mill Creek was described as "the most endangered urban river in America."

So what's going on in the communities along the Mill Creek Valley today? Let's take a hike and find out! On our path we'll meander through neighborhoods that were born along the Mill Creek, and are now in the wake of a rebirth. See these places for yourself and gain appreciation for an area of our city in the midst of transition.

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