Past Excursions

A list of our past excursions with route maps for you to enjoy.


Through the Cut in the Hill

Our hearts swell and our minds wander when we catch a glimpse of Cincinnati's neighborhoods through a cut in the hill. Even when anticipated, these vistas ignite something deep inside of us.

Our hillsides are a unique aspect of life in the Queen City. On this hike examine the vertical places once spotted with lush vineyards, incredible inclines, beer brewing tunnels, and the remains of ethnic enclaves.

This hike incorporates poorly maintained and ruins of pedestrian paths and stairs. Wear closed-toe footwear appropriate for dirt paths with debris.


The Genius of Water - A Hot Weather Hike

Discover a relationship Cincinnatians have had with water from the settlement of Losantiville to the contemporary city we live in today. Our path incorporates some of our most beloved water features as well as places water has left its mark in our urban core.

While less topography and overlooks are featured on this hike, you'll still traverse through a variety of unique places. Wear a swimsuit if you are inclined - there will be a few opportunities to play in public spraygrounds.


Chlorophyll! Carotene! Anthocyanin! Oh, My! - The Autumn Hike

This is hike through a world of striking differences. Adventure through historic places, traverse nature preserves, and climb over and under highways - all while basking in the highly anticipated autumnal changes.

The hike does incorporate a few short urban staircases, dirt paths through dense wooded areas that may be muddy, and a jaunt through a desolate industrial corridor.


Chutes & Ladders

Experience a lot of topography while discovering three different neighborhoods in Cincinnati. This is a trek with a lot of city steps and hills. Take lots of rests with ample time to cool down.

With a good climb one is able to take in some of our city's most dramatic views. The first leg of the hike difficult. You'll be getting to the very top of Mount Adams by public stair.